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Thank you to all of you who posted comments leading up to the wedding!

Dean Whyte Oct 22, 7:47PM
Hi! Don't know if you're back from honeymoon... We are in AZ, text or call me if you get this message.
Tim & Sharon Voth Sep 26, 12:20PM
We are so sorry we can't attend your wedding day. Enjoy your special day and God's richest blessings on you guys!
Marc Pulsifer Sep 17, 10:02AM
Hi Anne. Congratulations! Unfortunately, we will not be able to join you at the wedding, but wish you all the best!
Gary & Liz Haynes Sep 16, 8:47PM
Gary will still be fishing so we'll be only there in thoughts & prayers. See you this winter, Mr & Mrs!!
Don & Jeannette Kentch Sep 11, 10:45AM
We're so happy for you and know that God has an amazing plan the both of you! We truly wish we could attend.
Angiah Harris Sep 11, 8:07AM
Thank you for sharing your beautiful story. I'm sorry I can't be there Anne. God is so good:) congrats to you both!
Harv & Liane Bloomquist Sep 10, 7:17PM
SO wish we could come to AZ but look forward 2 seeing you in FGO! May God richly bless you in the coming days!
Sarah Slavinsky Sep 10, 10:36AM
Hi Anne. Congratulations to you and Craig! We are excited to celebrate your marriage with you.
Kevin Anvik Sep 7, 12:21AM
So sorry we can't make it to your special day. God bless you and your life together. All our love! The Anviks.
Steve & Kirstie Sep 6, 11:19PM
Congrats! We're happy for you. Unfortunately, we can't make it to the wedding but we hope you have an amazing day!
Francie and Bob Sep 6, 8:03PM
Looking forward to your wedding events! Booked our flights! So excited for AZ! And celebration in ND! God bless!
Tom & Jenny Sep 6, 9:35AM
So excited about your special day. Love the website. Praying for your life together!
Anne Kaiser Sep 5, 9:54PM
We will miss those of you who are unable to be there with us!
Anne Kaiser Sep 5, 9:54PM
Thanks for your prayers and best wishes! We look forward to sharing our special day with you!
Uncle Daniel and Aunt Mary Sep 5, 1:10PM
Sending you and Craig our Love and Best wishes for a wonderful wedding and marriage. Love you
Christina and Esmeralda Sep 5, 10:20AM
We are happily looking forward to sharing in your wedding day events. Thank you for thinking of us!
Jamie and Glenn Suppanz Sep 4, 6:04PM
Craig we are disappointed we won't be able to attend! Praying for you and the wonderful day you both deserve!
Daniel Comstock Sep 4, 1:04AM
Congratulations Craig! Sorry we won't be able to attend, best wishes to you and Anne! God bless!
Dave & Lynn Whyte Aug 26, 8:04PM
Congratulations Craig! We are very happy for you and Anne. Best Wishes for a wonderful day!
Karen Geiger Aug 23, 9:47PM
This website is amazing! Wonderful to read all the exciting times you have had...God bless your life together!!
Roxanna & Tim Walsh Aug 22, 7:28PM
We're thankful to be able to share in your special day and look forward to celebrating. God bless you both!
Krista McCaleb Aug 20, 6:49PM
SO happy for you both. Wish I could come, but I already have a prior commitment that wknd. Much love & God bless! K
Patty Conrad Aug 17, 1:56PM
Congratulations Anne & Craig! Look forward to your big day :)
Teresa and Craig Aug 17, 12:37PM
We are looking forward to the big day! xoxoxo
Shaundra and Tom Hall Aug 15, 9:45AM
Although we send regrets for the ceremony, we wish you many blessings on your life together!
Arne and Karen Teigland Aug 14, 7:51PM
We are so disappointed we can't be at your wedding or get to ND reception granddaughter's birthday
Jenny Crandall Aug 14, 3:01PM
So sorry that I can't make it to the wedding. I have to work that day. Congratulations!
Gary & Cheryl Siefers Aug 10, 8:56PM
A special story/journey! The Lord bless you on your wedding day! We plan on attending your reception in ND.
Darcy Olsen Aug 10, 12:18PM
Absolutely love the website. I am so excited for you!! Thinking of you and wishing you all the best!
Ruth Covington Aug 9, 10:32AM
I'm sorry we won't be able to attend your happy day. Congrats to you and wishing you much more happiness!
Carolyne Rother Aug 8, 6:27PM
Sorry we won't be able to join you in celebrating your union but we will be out of town visiting family. Best wishes!
Paula and Randy Walker Aug 8, 5:29PM
Congratulations!! We couldn't be happier for both of you. May God bless your life together!!!
Cherie Surin Aug 7, 10:33PM
Love your website! What fun to "follow along" on your journey from friendship to love. God bless you both.
Noelle Ray Jul 5, 4:22PM
Hi Anne! My new worker just contacted me & it made me think of you. I hope you are doing well!
Craig Condit Apr 3, 6:03PM
Just wanted to welcome everyone to our web site!