Gift Registry

NOTE: Please do not send gifts; we are keeping this page active only to remember the occasion.

Anne & Craig are registered at REI. If you're thinking, "REI... that's so sensible & outdoorsy". Sort of like them, huh?

Well here's another idea. Anne & Craig will be traveling to Antigua for their honeymoon. How about sponsoring a honeymoon activity, meal or adventure? Antigua is a tropical playground just waiting to be explored. Send Anne & Craig sailing on a catamaran or a ferry to Barbuda. Send them snorkeling, kayaking or even on a Segway tour (how cool is that?!) You could even send them to have a romantic dinner or casual lunch at a downtown market. What about a round of drinks on the patio at sunset or a massage!

The options are nearly endless. You'll be helping Anne & Craig have the trip of a lifetime and start off their life together with some fantastic memories.